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Southwest Youth Volunteer Police Station Beautification Team (5 to 17 year old students):

The Youth Volunteer Police Station Beautification Team is a youth program for 5-17 year old youth community members. 
The team was started as a way to improve the appearance of the exterior of the police station and to encourage our neighboring businesses and residents to also keep "Clean and Green" properties.


The team's youth members provide weekly litter, debris and weed  removal from the sidewalks, landscaping areas and large concrete planters.  They also maintain the planting areas through the addition of new plants and irrigation.  Since the Youth Volunteer Police Station Beautification Team started as the "Youth Landscaping Team" in January 2012, we have seen improvement of several properties in the vicinity of the police station.


Recently, the Youth Volunteer Police Station Beautification Team and the Teen Community-Police Advisory Board (C-PAB) joined efforts to start a new recycling program at the police station.  The funds generated through the recycling are used to help pay for refreshments and field trip expenses.


Students also receive community service hour credit anytime they volunteer through the program. 


SIGN-UP: Students may sign up for this program on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30pm.  Parental and/or Legal Guardian permission is required with signed waiver forms.


MEETINGS: Each Wednesday afternoon, 3:30pm to 5:30pm              CONTACT: Officer Evleth

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